Welcome to The Legendary Game of Zonk

Zonk is a social dice game that has been passed down from one generation of cannabis smokers to the next throughout the years.

Objective: To be the first person to reach 10,000 points, unless the “11,000 Rule” is called (more on that later). The winner is also awarded the score sheet.

If you’re not the first to the finish line, don’t worry because Everybody wins in Zonk! Every 1000 points merits a hit and there are bonus hits along the way, as well.

Hours of Fun in Every Box!

The Longer You Play, the Harder it Gets
Getting your friends together for a Game of Zonk has never been easier! This First Edition Game of Zonk includes everything need to play zonk, the game board, a glass pipe blown by artisans in Pacific Northwest, 5 dice, and a supply of score sheets. Sorry, you’ll need to supply your own marijuana.
Re-Up on Extra Scoresheets Here!
Played too many games already? You Can Download Extra Sheets Here!
News & Events
BREAKING NEWS: CaliBudCo Releases ZONK Strain!

Game Changer: Leading Cannabis Grower Teams With America’s Oldest Cannabis Dice Game to Deliver a Unique Experience That’s High on Happiness For Immediate Release: Tampa, FL / Salinas, CA –

The Game of Zonk Presents The Daze Between Band, LIVE from NOLA Feat. KRASNO, SCHOOLS, TRUCKS, MEDESKI, HAMILTON

Join us, TONIGHT, with our #ZonkFamily brothers and sisters from Live for Live Music and Relix Magazine, as we bring you a LIVE and FREE Webcast of The Daze Between Band’s SOLD OUT show, Live from One

ZONK and Sibannacal Life take over VIP at Brainquility Music Festival

The Game of Zonk and Sibannacal Life hosted the Brainquility Music Festival’s VIP Sibannacal Pavilion last week.   Along with ourselves, were many of our Cannabis / #ZonkFamily partners, including Regulate


That’s right, The Culture Continues!   For its’ 3rd Year in a row, The Legendary Underground Game of Zonk joins its’ #ZonkFamily musicians on board of Jam Cruise.   This annual event

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