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Like no other

Zonk is a social dice game that has been passed down from one generation of cannabis smokers to the next throughout the years.

The Objective is to be the first person to reach 10,000 points, unless the “11,000 Rule” is called (more on that later). The winner is also awarded the score sheet. If you’re not the first to the finish line, don’t worry because Everybody wins in Zonk! Every 1000 points merits a hit and there are bonus hits along the way, as well.

The Longer You Play, the Harder it Gets

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The Legend Continues Through Us All...



Played too many games already?
You can download more score sheets here!

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Game Changer: Leading Cannabis Grower Teams With America’s Oldest Cannabis Dice Game to Deliver a Unique Experience That’s High on Happiness

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Tampa, FL / Salinas, CA – September 24, 2018 – California Bud Company has joined forces with Game of Zonk to launch an exclusive, high-end line of cannabis products that pair perfectly with the iconic game. The initial strain, Kandy Kush, a sativa-leaning hybrid with roughly 18.1-22.2% THC will appeal to a broad audience. The terpene pallet is sweet […]

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