Whether you’re an aspiring budtender or you’re a regular at your local dispensary, adhering to basic etiquette is important. Familiarize yourself with these four basic rules of budtender etiquette, and set the scene for a positive experience.

Know Before You Go

Even if you’ve never been to a dispensary before, it’s poor form to show up with no idea what to do. Prepare for your visit by doing some basic research and understanding what to expect when you arrive. Read reviews of local dispensaries to be sure you choose one that will meet your needs, and have a rough idea of what you’re looking for when you walk in the door.

As a budtender, you’ll want to learn how to identify new customers and make them feel at ease. You should also educate yourself about the various strains of cannabis and be prepared to give detailed explanations of the grower’s intent. Get to know the products, offer informed recommendations, and strive to create a pleasant, inclusive atmosphere.

Understand the Regulations

Most dispensaries follow state or local regulations in order to stay in business. As a customer, that means you probably won’t be allowed to light up in the dispensary, exchange products you’ve already purchased, or take photos or use your smartphone inside. Even if you’re having a good time, remember that you have to follow the basic regulations, or you might not be invited back.

Budtenders can keep the peace by enforcing rules in a friendly, yet forthright way. Give new customers the benefit of the doubt, but don’t hesitate to be assertive if they don’t get the hint.

Forget About Hookups

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with your local dispensary, you might start to expect deals. As much as your budtenders appreciate your business, however, they’re running a business. Never ask for hookups or expect special treatment, but don’t hesitate to inquire about advertised deals.

Budtenders can smooth over awkward encounters by always knowing what the weekly or monthly specials are. Whether you’re helping a regular or a new customer, don’t hold back from offering details about promotions or the newest products.

Tip for Exceptional Service

Many cannabis enthusiasts’ views on tipping vary, depending on whether they’re visiting a dispensary for medical or recreational purposes. After all, some budtenders offer tried-and-true recommendations that can completely change your cannabis experience, while other tenders have limits on the type of advice they can offer. While there isn’t a hard and fast rule about tipping your budtender, the consensus is that great service warrants a great tip. If your budtender goes out of her way to make your day better, a tip is in order.

Budtenders should keep in mind that some customers might not feel comfortable tipping, or they might not know it’s allowed. If your dispensary encourages tipping, leave out a friendly tip jar, and earn those extras by providing stellar service.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to create a positive experience at your local dispensary. Keep these four basic budtender rules in mind, and let the good vibes flow.

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