Cannabis Juicing: A New Trend in Marijauna Consumption

Juicing is one of the world’s most popular trends, with everyone from gym junkies to busy parents celebrating its benefits. We’ve all heard of juice fans blending up kale, ginger, and various fruits, but what about cannabis? Cannabis juicing might sound like an off-the-wall idea dreamed up under the influence, but it’s actually an exciting new trend changing the way we think about marijuana consumption.

How to Juice Cannabis

Cannabis is juiced much the same way as any other leafy plant like spinach or kale. All you need to do is strip the leaves from your cannabis and process them in a juicer. Experts recommend using a combination of 15 to 20 large fresh fan leaves, 30 to 40 small sugar leaves, or two large fresh buds. Choose well-flushed, organically grown plants that are washed thoroughly and kept raw to ensure the tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) doesn’t convert to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). For the tastiest drink, blend your cannabis leaves with other leafy greens, fruits, or vegetables.

Enjoy All Cannabis’ Health Benefits

Like so many plants, cannabis loses most of its beneficial enzymes when it’s heated. When you heat cannabis to smoke, vape, or bake it, you lose much of the fiber, iron, and calcium it shares with other leafy greens and the unique cannabinoids it contains. These cannabinoids coupled with the plant’s fatty acids are thought to improve cell function and reduce damage caused by free radicals resulting from poor nutrition, stress, inflammation, pollutants, and other factors. Many cannabinoids also have anti-tumor properties, so juicing could potentially help ward off some cancers.

Enjoy Health Benefits Without the High

While many cannabis users enjoy the high, there can be real benefits to consuming the drug in its raw form, before the THCA converts to the psychoactive THC. While THC helps improve the mood of someone experiencing pain, it does little to solve the cause of the pain or systemic disease. In contrast, THCA modulates the body’s autonomic nervous system, autoimmune system, and microcirculation, so it can reduce pain caused from inflammation. It also has antioxidant, antispasmodic, and anticonvulsant properties.

So whether you have a chronic condition like lupus or arthritis, or you’re simply suffering from sore muscles after a sporting injury, the THCA you ingest in cannabis juice could provide some relief.

Enjoy More Cannabis for More Benefits

Because you’re not getting high when drinking cannabis juice, it’s much easier to take higher doses of cannabis in this form. This means that when you juice, you can take in more of those beneficial cannabinoids. Doctors believe the average person can tolerate hundreds of milligrams of THCA in a day, but just 10 milligrams of THC.

Avoid Smoking

While cannabis smoke hasn’t been linked to lung cancer as cigarette smoke has, some users note that it irritates their throat and lungs. It can also lead to minor respiratory symptoms such as chronic bronchitis or irritate chronic conditions like asthma. If smoking bothers you, cannabis juicing lets you enjoy the plant’s benefits while breathing easier.

With a host of benefits, there are some great reasons to try juicing your cannabis.

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