Indica vs. Sativa: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re relaxing on a sunny weekend afternoon or chilling out after a long day at work, you want to pick the right strain of marijuana. Get to know indica and sativa, and learn the right time to choose each type of cannabis to make the experience more enjoyable.

Indica and Sativa Are From Opposite Sides of the World

Have you ever wondered why indica has large, broad leaves and sativa has long, slender leaves? Both of these cannabis species are grown near the equator, but they’re from completely different parts of the world. Indica is grown in the Middle East and North Africa, in areas like Turkey and Morocco. In contrast, sativa comes from South America and Southeast Asia, including areas like Colombia and Thailand.

Sativa Grows Much Larger Than Indica

The indica plant’s leaves might look large, but the plants typically stop growing when they’re relatively small. In fact, indica plants usually top out around three feet tall, while sativa can grow to more than five times that size.

Indica Plants Produce Buds More Quickly

Indica plants also have a shorter flowering time. This cannabis species flowers within about eight to 12 weeks. Sativa plants can take up to 16 weeks to flower. Once they’re finished producing buds, however, it’s time to harvest.

Given the size difference between the two plants, it might come as no surprise that sativa plants yield much more than indica plants do. With an indica plant, you can expect to harvest around two ounces per plant. After flowering, a sativa plant can produce a whopping one pound per plant.

Both Have a Distinctive Flavor

The moment you inhale, you’ll know exactly which type of cannabis you’ve chosen. Sativa tends to have a lighter flavor with fruity notes. In contrast, indica tastes heavier and can even have an earthy or skunky flavor.

One Will Lift You Up, and the Other Will Slow You Down

If you’re looking for a particular effect from your cannabis, choosing the right type couldn’t be more important. When you consume sativa, you’ll typically feel light and energized. Even when you reach your limit, you’ll feel happy and possibly even euphoric. When you want a little pick-me-up to make a great day even better, sativa can be a great choice.

Indica has almost the opposite effect. It’s liable to make you feel relaxed and even sleepy. When you want to slow down after a hectic day or listen to a new album, indica is a good pick.

Each Provides a Range of Benefits

Thanks to its calming powers, indica can do wonders for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, or insomnia. This type can also help to relax muscles, relieve serious pain, and calm headaches.

Sativa is known for its uplifting powers and knack for putting depressive thoughts at bay. This type of cannabis can also help you focus, get things done, and explore your creative side.

As a marijuana enthusiast, you want to select the right type of cannabis. Now that you know the differences between sativa and indica, you can create the ideal uplifting or relaxed moment every time.

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