The Cannabis Glossary: Terms You Should Know

If you’re going to smoke cannabis, you need to know industry terms that will help you make smart decisions. Plus, you’ll be able to easily follow along with conversations about cannabis and smoking with your friends.

Access Point

This term refers to a facility that can legally sell medical marijuana. Every state sets its own regulations regarding access points.


A bale is a large brick of marijuana that can weigh up to 40 or 50 pounds. It’s later broken up into smaller pieces for sale or use.


When you use tobacco-leaf paper to roll a joint, you’ve created a blunt.


Some people prefer to smoke cannabis through a bong, which is a device that uses water filtration. You smoke through a pipe, which is called a down spout. Bongs come in many sizes and can be made from glass, plastic, bamboo, and other materials.


Every cannabis plant has cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds that produce both psychoactive and non-psychoactive results.


A cross is a cross-breeding of different species of marijuana. Hundreds of crosses exist, each of which offers unique properties and experience.


When you dab, you use a device that has similar physical characteristics of a bong except that you’re smoking concentrated cannabis oil.


An edible is a food or beverage into which cannabis has been infused. Brownies served as the traditional vehicle for edibles for many years, but today, dispensaries and other venues make edibles out of drinks, candy, and other foods and beverages.


Hash is a special preparation made by extracting resin glands from the cannabis plant that has been pressed or water-purified. To smoke it, you mix it with tobacco in a joint.


A cross between a sativa and indica strain of cannabis is typically called a hybrid.


Indica is a species of cannabis that is native to the Middle East and East. It’s a shorter plant with bushier flowers, so it’s easily distinguishable from sativa. It typically produces a relaxing, sedating high, so most smokers use it to calm their nerves or to stave off insomnia.


A roach is the last few centimeters of a blunt. It produces the most psychoactive effects because of its increased resin concentration.


Like indica, sativa is a species of cannabis. It’s native to South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, and its stem and flowers prove lighter in color than those of indica marijuana. It’s known for producing an energetic high, so smokers enjoy sativa when they want to have more energy and stay awake longer.


A strain is one specific variety of marijuana, which is often named for its appearance or psychoactive effects.


Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the marijuana plant’s most abundant cannabinoid. Without THC, smoking cannabis would likely not produce a high because it’s the psychoactive agent in the plant material. You cannot overdose on THC, and this cannabinoid has proven helpful to a wide range of patients with various diseases and conditions.

Now that you know a few of the most important cannabis terms, you can talk about marijuana like a pro.

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