The Return of the Cannabis Game Zonk – MG Daily

People looking to make their mark in the cannabis industry of tomorrow aspire to combine modern social engagement with consumption. For David Rakower, president of Tampa, Florida-based Sibannacal Marketing, however, the cannabis consumer of yesterday provided the inspiration for a phenomenon that combines past with present. Zonk—a cannabis-centered dice game Rakower said has been played by untold thousands of people around the world—is attracting fans in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State.

“To our knowledge, Zonk has never been sold in commerce, but various websites and blogs have discussed people’s experiences with the game, along with different versions of the rules,” said Rakower. “It has had an underground culture following it for approximately thirty-eight years. It was extremely popular in a pocket of colleges in the Northeast and maintained such an underground culture that people still use a common phrase, ‘to play it is to love it.’ We always use the same words when we’re teaching the game: ‘Everyone wins at Zonk.’”

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