Zonk Official Release


Sibannacal Life Announces Roll-Out of New Zonk™ Board Game

Company Revives the Legendary Marijuana Themed Dice Game for the Masses

Tampa, Florida April 20, 2016 – Today, Sibannacal Life announced the much anticipated release of its Legendary Underground Game of Zonk™ board game as the company’s first offering in a line of upcoming marijuana lifestyle products. The Legendary Underground Game of Zonk™ is an updated take on a wildly popular dice rolling game created on college campuses, in the late 70s, in which players take turns rolling dice for points that can be used for bong or pipe hits of marijuana.

In Zonk™, players take turns rolling five dice to accumulate point values to add towards their current tallied score from each preceding turn.   As each turn progresses, similar to most gambling games, the player has the choice to “Stay” with any points accumulated at that moment or keep rolling to accumulate more.  Once the player passes a threshold of points they are awarded a “hit” and the game must pause until that process is over.

“We used to play Zonk™ religiously back in college” said David Rakower, the game’s designer and founder of Sibannacal Life™. “we would play the game and take the rules, the terminology, and the origin pretty seriously which, of course, led to a nice little underground sub-culture of Zonk™ where everyone would talk about it throughout the day….  Well, it was college so some of us would also be playing throughout the day”!

Each game includes the game board, a set of dice, pre-made score sheets, velvet pouch, manual/poster, and a Certified Locally Blown Glass Pipe, which is sourced out of each recreational state that sells the game.  “Our attention to the Local markets, in which we sell the Game, is invaluable to us” states Rakower, “…the ability to tie into those markets is perfectly in line with what Sibannacal represents, as a brand, so we couldn’t be happier”.

The game can be seen online at gameofzonk.com, where you can download and print additional full sized scoresheets, and will be sold directly in most smoke shops and dispensaries.

“Zonk™ is a great game to play If you’re looking to enjoy marijuana responsibly in the comfort of your own home with a group of friends, “added Rakower. “It’s also makes for a great Christmas stocking stuffer for that marijuana enthusiast in your life!”

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